One Step Forward

In my first blog I mentioned that I had finally gotten published.  Week one of the course took me through from choosing a domain name and a hosting package to setting up a Word Press Blog. I purchased my domain name from Go Daddy and my hosting from D9. These were both recommended but there was no pressure, I could have gone elsewhere if I had chosen to do so. However, I think it may have made following the course a bit tricky. All this was quite an achievement, don’t you think, for someone who thought she was not too clever because of leaving school at fifteen with no qualifications whatsoever. Domain NameThis is your address so that people can easily find you if they wish to. Hosting – Think of this as your actual house. So when someone enters your domain name they will find it at your hosting company. Any way once the domain name and hosting were sorted it was time to download a named Word Press theme to work on. Ooops I am jumping ahead of myself here. WordPress is the platform that we students are being taught to build our blogs on and you are able to load this up through your hosting package. This was very easy to do. As well as the tutor, WordPress itself shows how it is done. The name of the theme is ‘Optimize 2’ it and is a paid for theme, but since it is the recommended one for the course I thought it best to go for it. Once the Blog was set up there were a few settings that had to be changed but we were led through this in a step by step fashion. This is just what I needed. I was then able to publish my first two sentences on line, as you read in ‘This Is My First Blog Post’. That’s all for now, I will write again soon. Please feel free to comment. To Your Success Pauline


  • Andrew

    Reply Reply March 9, 2014

    Hi Pauline

    You can count me in as one of the left school with no qualifications. In fact if you look at many entrepreneurs they are the ones who left school with nothing and were told they would never amount to anything.

    I think in a way it’s good to be like that as it stiffens your resolve to prove to the naysayers that you can be successful. Most stuff I’ve learned online and offline has usually been through real-life experience, including setting up blogs and stuff online.

    I do have an IT background so that helped, but I will now be learning from scratch with marketing as I am crap at that right now!

    Hope to you see you in and around the P2S areas in between times and wish you lots of success with what you are doing.


    • Pauline

      Reply Reply March 9, 2014

      Thank you for your comment Andrew.
      I agree that just because we left school without qualifications that does not make us write-offs.

      I am sure you will come across me many time in the face book page as I seem to have a lot of questions and queries.


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