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Hi everyone, how are you doing today?

As I have been away from the course for a few weeks I am now repeating the lessons from Week 9 onwards as a refresher, and for a deeper understanding, of John Thornhill’s  methods.

In this post I am going to share with you my introduction to product creation in Weeks 9 and 10 of the Partnership to Success course.

Not as Easy as I Thought it would be

I am not sure what I expected, maybe something that would take a week or two and John Thornhill would have given us the secret. This would just be a matter of him giving us a title and then working through it with us step by step as he has up to now. STOP RIGHT THERE. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN.

John has provided us with all the information we need to start hunting out a product by OURSELVES; although he will be there if we really need him.

We have been pointed in the right direction and given the rules to follow.  After the first shock of finding this was harder than I thought, I realized that this is the only way to teach us product creation; when the course is finished we should all be able to use our knowledge in any other niche and with any other product.

I say any other niche because for the duration of the course we have been advised to stick to the Internet Marketing Niche. By producing products that fit into this niche we will have a better chance of success. John will be able to bring in his many affiliates to promote our products because they all operate in the Internet Marketing niche.

If you would like to do this John’s way then this is how it is done. Before we begin, I would just like to add there is no tedious and time consuming keyword searching. John thinks this just over complicates the process and is completely unnecessary.

Week 9 is all about lists. It is about focusing your mind. Top 10

  1. List down all your blog posts to date
  2. List TEN things you are good at. It may be very hard to achieve this, but keep coming back to it.
  3. List TEN things other people think you are good at. Bring your family, friends and colleagues in on this.
  4. List down TEN things you enjoy. This for me was the easiest list of all.
  5. List down your TEN favorite websites
  6. List down any topics you are interested in or are willing to learn more about.

Now it’s a case of pulling 2 subjects out of each of the above lists to form a core list of topics.  Repeat this process until you have exhausted your original lists and now have lists of sub topics.

You now have your core list of topics and your other sub lists ready to move forward to Week 10.


Week 10 is about research

Have no fear, because if after completing the list stage above you cannot decide on an internet marketing topic, John has created a list of 101 internet marketing topics for us to download when we reach Week 10. This has helped me a great deal.

The next stage is to take your core list of topics or those topics you may have chosen from the list of 101 internet marketing topics, and do some research.

For this stage we will be visiting 3 websites to research our topics:  Research

  1. ClickBank Market Place – search for your topic by gravity, which is ClickBank’s rating method. A gravity rating of 5 or more means the product is doing well and could be a good product for your research needs.
  2. JV Zoo Market Place – here we are shown how many of a particular product has been sold. A sale of 500 or more units is a good research product. Take a look at the sales page and see what you can learn from it.
  3. The Warrior Forum is one of the biggest Internet Marketing forums on the Internet. Here you could follow the discussions to get product creation ideas or visit the Warrior Special Offers to see the products being sold; plenty of scope for your research.

After you have done your research you should hope to end up with 1 very strong topic or a group of 3 possible topics.

This research, for weeks 9 and 10, should take you the full two weeks. Make sure that you do it thoroughly so that you can move on to Week 11 confident in what you have achieved so far.

Until next time

Take care




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  • igor Griffiths

    Reply Reply June 19, 2014

    Well hello Pauline, great to hear you are able to re-start the course after your families recent events, hopefully things will remain stable from now on.

    There is an ongoing debate about passion and niche selection.

    As you are finding out, you need to have passion for either the solution topic or the process of solution creation, if you have both then that is great.

    If you do not have passion for either the topic or the process of solution creation then its almost a certainty that the solution will never be completed.

    Having started creating my solution, I can verify that the only thing keeping me going is that I have a passionate need for this solution and the market research indicates thankfully so do others.

    Hopefully whatever you opt for will be the same.

    igor Griffiths

    • Pauline

      Reply Reply June 22, 2014

      Thank you igor.

      I am still not there with my choice of topic yet, although I have a few in mind.
      I am still working through Paula’s book and taking it in as I go.

      Take care

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