Traffic DEMANDS Time OR Money

Hello again everyone.

Very recently I sent out a plea for help to the Partner to Success Face Book Group.

Although I have been receiving traffic from the Partnership members when they are blog commenting I receive no traffic from outside the group that is not spam.  I know I am not alone in this; it is a problem that many of us share.

Product Creation

At the moment the group members are focusing on creating their individual products and solutions, and as I intend to create a product about attracting traffic from the internet I wanted to delve deeper into this topic. I believe that to write about a topic you should actually know and understand what you are writing about, and be able to show it in use. So I decided to ask for help.

My Plea for Help with Traffic

My plea for help was answered almost immediately by members of the group. Thank you all, I am very grateful.

Advice Received

Smiles and kisses


  1. It was Omar Martin who pointed out to me that I would pay for my traffic either with cash or time, and he is so right. Paying for traffic with cash would be a good way to go, and it is something I will definitely explore in detail.  At the moment I am paying in time trying to understand the different methods that are out there for our use.
  2. A few people suggested that I study John Thornhill’s methods in his eBook Simple Traffic Solutions. I have this in my possession and will indeed go back through it. Undoubtedly I will pick up more information from it than I did on my first read. I find this happens quite a lot. It doesn’t matter what I read but from the second or third read I always gather different information.  Does this happen with you?
  3. Torsten Muller has pointed me towards two of his excellent blog posts which I have printed off and I will work my way through them both. Thank you Torsten.
  4. Jennifer Saenz suggests Twitter and Google+ as well as videos for YouTube. Good suggestions Jennifer. Thank you.
  5. Dan Tredo and igor Griffiths gave great advice when they directed me back to the course. Yes I should really bring all this information together and start creating my product. Thank you Dan and igor.
  6. Brian Oliver suggests that I should buy a couple of products to study and test them.  This is a good idea and would help me to create my own product. Thank you Brian.
  7. Both Sue Worthington and Paul R Light suggest creating a freebie based on my course training so far. I like that idea. Thank you Sue and Paul.

Elaine Summers and Lee Fox both said they also need this information. I hope you can use the advice contributed by our fellow members.

Thank you all. This advice is very helpful.

Until next time

Take care

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  • Pauline

    Reply Reply July 27, 2014

    Hi Joan,

    the Partnership to Success Face Book group are amazing. There will always be someone who can answer your questions or point you in the right direction.

    Sometimes you maybe lucky enough to find someone who you can help and things turn full circle.

    Give it a go
    Take care Pauline

  • Joan

    Reply Reply July 26, 2014

    I am in week 7 of the P2S course and haven’t spent any time in the Facebook group yet. This article has made me put in my daytimer as a “must to do” at least twice a week. I have a full time job and it’s just finding the time to do it all.

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