Partnership to Success : Week 8

Hi everyone, I hope you all had as good a holiday as I did. Now that the Easter Holidays are over it is time to get back to work on my blog. In this post I am going to tell you about Week 8 of our course, Partnership to Success. Week 8 is a very important part of the course because it is officially the end of the blogging phase lessons. Next week we move onto product creation. I am really, really excited about that.

Week 8 Topics

This week Link Cloaking and the Link Supercharger were introduced to us for the first time. We were also given an auto responder course so that we could promote one of John Thornhill’s products; in fact the product happens to be the very course that I am following now, John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success.

Link Cloaking

link with arrow

The link to another destination

I covered Link Cloaking in my previous blog. However I didn’t tell you how to do the link cloaking and redirecting on your posts and pages. You can cloak your links manually by using your file manager and entering new instructions directly. However, for me and those of you who are not confident to do this yourself, there are many products out there that will easily do the job for you, saving you the worry of doing it wrong.

Those of us on the Partnership to Success course were given the product ‘Link Supercharger’ to use when cloaking our links, with instructions on how to use it. There is also a support desk for this program if needed. This product by Simon Phillips and Randy Smith can be purchased online at this time for $29.95. Although I have not used any of the many other link cloaking products, I found this particular product easy to use and would fully recommend it to you Just a quick recap of some reasons why you may want to cloak your affiliate links.

  1. It looks friendlier than the actual link and can give your user more information.
  2. It can reduce commission stealing by disguising your Clickbank nickname.
  3. It will save you a lot of editing later if the original link is altered in some way.

IMPORTANT Please read the paragraph below. This was copied from the Link Supercharger Product Information.

(You should always check first the terms of the site you are linking to as some do not approve of cloaked links. In this situation you simply hit the “Uncloaked” button inside Link Supercharger and create an equally nice looking uncloaked redirect link!)

The Auto Responder Course

Two emails

Emails sent by auto responder

By this time in the course most of us will already have an auto responder installed. I have chosen to install Aweber as my auto responder. This is the recommended product, but if you can follow the course using a different product, that is okay. I think that those of us who need to take the course step by step have chosen Aweber so it is easier to follow those steps.

  1. We create a new list in Aweber to send our visitors to view some informative free videos about the course.
  2. We set up and configure the confirmation email that is sent out when we have a new subscriber.
  3. Once they confirm they want the information a series of emails are sent out to them from which they can access the individual free videos.
  4. We have been provided with the different individual emails that are sent to the subscriber on a regular basis.
  5. We have also received instructions on how to incorporate them into Aweber.

These are very useful instructions and tuition because these steps can be followed when setting up a new list in Aweber for a different product or a different niche. Remember it’s the start of product creation next week. Pauline

Important Reminder

Just in case you are not doing it already, please remember to back up your blog frequently. This is an essential task that you MUST do.

NB – If you wish to follow my online journey to becoming a millionaire (I will succeed) then please sign up to follow my blog. The form is in the top right hand corner of this page. Thank you.


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  • Hi Pauline,

    Keep up the good work. Look forward to see your product creation 🙂

    Best regards, Selma

  • Jennifer Saenz

    Reply Reply May 4, 2014

    Hi Pauline!

    So good to see you are still pushing on with the course. I know how it goes too; I have fallen a bit behind going at my own pace, but it’s a pace that I am comfortable with and allows me to learn the process better. It should make round two easier I think! If we are going to push out 3 products this year, we need to get the first one down well enough. Keep it up!

  • Sky Nealon

    Reply Reply May 2, 2014

    Hi Pauline,

    Hope you too had a lovely Easter Holiday and like many have already mentioned as well, it’s great to see that you are progressing well with the course at a pace that you find comfortable and to hear that you are excited about product creation, which of course is an most fabulous thing. I look forward to hearing and learning more about what kind of product or niche that you have chosen.

    Keep up the great work

  • Dave Thomas

    Reply Reply April 28, 2014


    I think many of us new internet marketers will be slowing down a bit now as we enter the product development stage so even if you feel you are behind, you will soon be back in touch.

    But remember this is not a race, but something to do at your own comfortable pace. In fact if we were all neck to neck, there will be loads of products being launched at the same time so a more gradual development path might give your product a better launch!

    Keep going at your own pace and you’ll get to the end in good shape


    • Pauline

      Reply Reply April 28, 2014

      Hi Dave I know that you are right. I shall just keep moving forward.

      Take care

  • Kim

    Reply Reply April 24, 2014

    Hi Pauline

    it’s lovely to see you’re getting on so well with the course 🙂


    • Pauline

      Reply Reply April 24, 2014

      Thanks Kim, I just keep on going at my pace. Sometimes that can be backwards.

      Take care

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