Yet Another Step

I am loving this course. I just can’t wait to do the next step. I know some steps take longer than others, and some students take longer than others, but that is part of the fun of learning how to set everything up. I know that once I have finished this course, which is twelve months long, I shall be an expert and ready to drive forward on my own. Considering I am a complete Newbie, internet jargon for a beginner, this will be a great achievement.

OK onwards. The next step is to install plugins to optimize the blog. Once again we are taught this in a step by step fashion; this takes away any stress you may be feeling at doing such a task. Plugins are programs that are installed and activated into your blog. They have different purposes but each of them should enhance your blog in some way. We are instructed to install and activate four plugins this lesson. These are used for purposes such as: social, search engine friendly, statistics and linking.  I am sure I will learn more about these as the course progresses.

An ‘about me’ page was the next task to complete. This is to inform my readers who I am and what I am doing at the moment. I hope you have read my page and seen my picture with the Blues Brothers (lol). This means ‘laugh out loud’ although I must admit that for a long time I thought people were sending ‘lots of love’ in their emails to me.

Talking about ‘me’ and actually telling other people about ‘me’ was very hard to do. At first I wrote pages and pages of stuff telling you my story from leaving school to finding the internet. None of it made much sense, just words pouring out of my mind onto the page. I did quite a bit of cutting and I am happy with the end result. Maybe I will tell my full story another day but for now I think my ‘about me’ page tells who I am, and the picture shows what I look like.

I created a menu and added my ‘about Pauline Harris’ page. This will take you from my blog pages to the about me page. In time other pages will be added to this menu.

Till next time



  • David Bay

    Reply Reply February 23, 2014

    Just keep on writing, the focus will come with the niche selection. All looking good here.

    • Pauline

      Reply Reply February 23, 2014

      Thank you David. I shall take your good advice and keep on writing.

  • Pauline

    Reply Reply February 22, 2014

    Hi Igor, I still feel unsure about what I am writing on my blogs. Do people really want to read about my step by step pathway to greatness, or will it bore them to death or to nod off at the very least.

    Would be grateful on your take as a ‘reader’ of my blog. Would you subscribe and come back for more or am I on the wrong track.

    speak soon

  • igor Griffiths

    Reply Reply February 22, 2014

    Well hello Pauline, congrats to you for getting so much done. Some of the most powerful training I have received has been what initially I discarded because I though I had passed that level.

    As they say the devil is in the detail and by ensuring you move slowly but carefully forwards, I am sure that in 12 months you will be a person who is able to stand independently online with their own income streams, I look forward to seeing you achieve that.


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